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Helix Centreでは三鷹・武蔵野市周辺の18歳以上の方を対象に、臨床経験豊富な女性臨床心理士がカウセリングを行っています。


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Helix Centre

About us


Helix is a centre for the holistic health and the study of image and culture in Mitaka, Musashiino, offering individual counselling, group counselling, yoga class, Psychosynthesis guide and workshop for adults. 

Experienced clinical psychologists who have self-awareness, a wide perspective, depth of insight and sensitivity provide a safe, soulful, and non-judgemental space where the client feels able to explore their unnamed feelings. 

Helix has high standards of professionalism. All clinical psychologists in Helix have been qualified for more than 10 years, and are members of professional organisations.

“It is our so-called weakness and vulnerabilities that link us with our deeper selves and with each other and not our so-called strengths, which merely make us independent.”-Jung

Areas that we have worked with

● Depression and anxiety / Stress management

● Panic attacks

● Relationship issues and Family conflicts

● Sexuality

● Work difficulties

● Low self-esteem

● Loss and grief

● Trauma

● Self-development / Spiritual development

Clinical Psychologists / Counsellors

Sawako Gomi

I am an experienced and qualified clinical psychologist / counselor. I hold MA in Myth, Cosmology and Sacred. My orientation is Psychosynthesis and Integrative Transpersonal Counselling, which integrates concepts from Jungian, Gestalt, relational, psychodynamic, neuroscience, body psychotherapy and family system theory as well as developmental and archetypal psychology.

As an integrative transpersonal practitioner and Psychosynthesis guide, I have come to recognize the value of symptoms, such as a feeling of inner emptiness, fear, a deep depression, lack of direction and meaning in life and loneliness, as guide for “soul making” or deep self-reflection of our life journey. They demand our deep attention, deep listening and deep understanding. For this reason, I often work with myth, symbols, dreams, images, imagination and body.


Naoko Nakamura

I am a qualified clinical psychologist and have experience in clinical work since 2002. After finishing my master's course in clinical psychology at International Christian University (ICU), I started working as a psychotherapist/counselor at a public institution for children and parents care. Ever since, I have been working with adults, adolescents and children, offering counseling and professional support at private practice and at some clinics. As an Jungian-oriented counselor, I often work with dreams. Those who don't have dreams are also welcomed to have sessions with me.

I am sure that the deeper the connection we have with our own body and psyche, the more guides we receive from them about the direction we are meant to go. In our life, we sometimes encounter hardships, get depressed, encounter sad experiences, lost orientation, and so forth. However, such experience itself can be a guide for us. To explore in such experiences including deep emotional ones helps you to have deeper understanding of yourself, which enables you to guide yourself by 'yourself'. The latter 'yourself' sometimes includes, for example, dream images. Dream images can be very helpful 'friends' and 'messengers' for you.

At this moment, I only practice counseling online for I am currently residing in Switzerland, being a diploma candidate of Jungian Analyst at ISAPZURICH, Switzerland, and a PhD candidate at University of Essex, UK. I am working as an analyst-in-training in Switzerland and worked as a PDE (Personal Development Electives) analyst for MBA candidates at IMD Business School to enhance their capacity of self-understanding during 2015 -2017. Some of IMD students are still continuing their analysis/counseling sessions with me.

Course and Fee 

Individual Counselling

6 sessions(1 session/ 60 mins) ¥10,500/session(lump-sum payment ¥58,000)
30 sessions(1 session/ 50 mins)


※Online session is also available


Psychosynthesis Guide

Psychosynthesis is called “a psychology of hope” or “a psychology of the Self,” where an individual's life is reorientated in the direction of meaning and values, and where the realms of human experience also include soul and spirit as well as mental, physical and emotional experiences. It is an open, holistic and practical approach to personal and spiritual growth to learn to live with a vision that comes from deep within oneself.

30 sessions(1 session/ 50 mins) ¥9,500/session


Holistic care

An organic connection between mind and body is the foundation of holistic health. In this course, having counselling sessions and yoga classes simultaneously helps the process of deepening and expanding awareness towards body and mind. A regular yoga practice, which includes breathing techniques and proper relaxation, will improve physical condition by balancing the autonomic nervous system.

※ Please note that for those who are under medical treatment or who have a current surgical operation, the permission of the physician may be required.

6 sessions(1 session/ 150 mins individual counselling session 60 mins + individual yoga class 90 mins)


30 sessions(1 session/ 140 mins individual counselling session 50 mins + individual yoga class 90 mins)


※ 90 minis yoga class includes the time for change of clothes



Please book your initial meeting by phone or email. The phone is switched to answer phone, so please leave your inquiry, your name and phone number. A counsellor will call you back within 2 working days. In the initial meeting, a counsellor will listen to your reasons for seeking counseling and discuss whether we are the right person or we are the right place to help you. If we, you and us, decide to continue, we will also make an agreement about the course, numbers of sessions, day and time.       

By phone : 070-4330-6734

By email : otoiawase@helix-centre.com


※ Please note that counselling service is not covered by National Health Insurance System in Japan.



Address: Nishikubo3-2-1-410, Musashino-shi, Tokyo


■ From North Exit of Mitaka station

12 minutes walk

3 minutes by bus and 1 minute walk(Kanto Bus:Bound for Kitaura, Musashiseki, Yagisawaeki, Tanashibasijo, Musashinoeigyosho) Nearest bus stop is Hokenjomae


■ From North Exit of Kichijoji station

24 minutes walk

8 minutes by bus and 5 minutes walk(Kanto Bus:Bound for Dentsuura, Yagisawaekimae, Mukomachi5chome, Musashinoeigyosho, Musashinoshiyakusho) Nearest bus stop is Shiminbunkakaikanmae

東京・三鷹・武蔵野市のホリスティックヘルス・カウンセリングルーム Helix Centre

【電話番号】 070-4330-6734

【住所】 〒180-0013

【電話受付時間】 9:00-18:00



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